2 in 5 Americans Believe the Apocalypse Is Nearing

2 in 5 Americans Believe the Apocalypse Is Nearing

(DailyVantage.com) – In some religions, there’s a belief called the “end times,” sometimes referred to as the apocalypse, signifying the Earth’s last days. The idea has persisted throughout millennia, but according to a Pew Research study, nearly 40% of people think they’re currently living in that era.

The survey was trying to ascertain the correlation between religion, the end times, and climate change. In evaluating the answers, the poll revealed that 39% of those asked said they do, in fact, believe that the end is near. When broken down by religion, historically black protestants were the largest group at 76% to harbor the feeling, while 55% of protestants, as a whole, agreed. The second largest group was Evangelicals at 63%.

When researchers compared these figures to another question about climate change, the poll found an inverse correlation: the more groups or individuals believed they were living in the end times, the less concerned they were about the planet. Those who identified as highly religious and said they weren’t particularly concerned (79%) were primarily white. Still, it’s important to note that the majority of all groups said climate change was either an extremely or somewhat serious problem.

Do you believe we’re in or nearing the apocalypse?

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