2 Simpsons Predictions That Haven’t Come True

Simpsons Predictions That Haven't Come True

(DailyVantage.com) – “The Simpsons” has graced our televisions for over 30 years. While it’s mostly comedy, with Bart constantly picking on Lisa and Homer’s ineptness threatening to blow up Springfield, it’s hard to ignore the coincidences some seem to think are prophecies. After all, the show seemingly predicted Donald Trump’s presidency, and Bart caught a three-eyed fish more than a decade before one was actually found. But, the show has “predicted” things that haven’t quite come true as well.

In 1995, an episode had the family taking a trip to London, where they encountered a very different version of the city’s famous clock tower, Big Ben. Instead of the one we’ve all come to know and love, the family saw a digital clock face. In “The Simpsons” universe, the switch to digital occurred in 2010, so we can safely say this is one prediction that didn’t come true.

In 2007, “The Simpsons Movie” included the United States’ first-ever foreign-born president — none other than the former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s unlikely this one will ever come to fruition as the Constitution explicitly states the POTUS must be a natural-born citizen, but some feel this rule is up for interpretation. He does hold dual citizenship, but it likely wouldn’t be enough to qualify him.

While there are more episodes with predicted events that never came true, there’s no doubt there have been so many that have throughout the years it’s hard to see them as mere coincidences. Perhaps there’s something to the rumors that the show’s writers are prophets, despite their misses. What do you think?

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