2,500-Pound Bison Loose in NJ Neighborhood

2,500-Pound Bison Loose in NJ Neighborhood

(DailyVantage.com) – Police are accustomed to receiving multiple daily calls from people needing their assistance. Sometimes, though, a weird call comes in, and officers have to prepare for an unusual task. Such was the case in Monmouth County, New Jersey, last week.

During the week of November 5, police received a call of an animal on the loose. Nothing weird, it happens often, right? Perhaps a dog gets loose, and owners need help tracking them down. However, this particular animal was a 2,500-pound bison making its way through Marlboro Township.

It turns out the mammoth beast ended up escaping from a farm he lives on with other bison. Knowing they had a big job ahead of them, police called in the Monmouth County SPCA to help track and capture the animal. In the end, they ended up sedating the bison and returning him to his owner.

During the incident, there was no property damage, and no injuries occurred. But the officers — and the SPCA workers — on duty that day aren’t likely to forget the experience any time soon. They sure have a big story to share with their loved ones!

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