60+ BODIES Found – Mysterious “Signs” Found By Investigators

60+ Bodies Found in Kherson Showing Signs of Torture

60+ Bodies Found in Kherson Showing Signs of Torture

(DailyVantage.com) – Russian troops won a battle against Ukraine in March and managed to capture Kherson, a city with an attractive location near the Dnieper River. The forces held the target until October when Ukrainian soldiers started making headway via countermeasures launched in August. Finally, on Friday, November 11, Ukraine officially stated it had recaptured Kherson, and its military entered as Russian troops retreated. The devastation the invaders left behind is nothing short of horrific.

According to Newsweek, Denys Monastyrsky, Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, said authorities have found more than 60 bodies that appear to have undergone torture. Not only that, but officials have also discovered detention centers, and they expect to discover a lot more. The cells show signs of the mayhem prisoners endured.

Some, like a 49-year-old reporter only identified as Anzhela, shared their experiences. According to BBC News, she reported repeatedly hearing men screaming as Russians tortured them with electricity. Sometimes “interrogations went too far,” and she saw Russians carrying out bodies in plastic wrap.

This complex is far from the only discovery in the region. According to Monastyrsky, the country has documented more than 400 cases of war crimes just in Kherson alone. In addition, there are reportedly more than 700 people missing in the area.

Authorities are continuing to investigate and document the matter. They expect it to be a long process as there’s much to uncover.

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