$7.59 per Gallon Gas Becomes Shocking Reality

$7.59 per Gallon Gas Becomes Shocking Reality

(DailyVantage.com) – Across the country, gas prices have steadily climbed over the last few months. It’s been a real pinch on the purse strings for many as they continue to recover from the pandemic. The national average for regular grade as of October 24 was $3.385 per gallon, which is a far cry from the $2.163 of last year. But, one town in California is giving people at the pump a real run for their money.

Gorda is a remote town sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Coast Ranges. People driving on Highway 1 in that particular area don’t have many options for gas, with the nearest stations being 40 miles north or 12 miles south. That’s probably why AmeriCo currently charges a staggering $7.60 per gallon of regular on that strip of road. Premium prices hit people’s wallets even harder at nearly $8.50 per gallon.

This gas station is obviously an anomaly, having very little competition to rein in its prices. However, it’s a byproduct of ongoing shortage and supply chain crises plaguing the Biden Administration. The American Automobile Association (AAA) attributes these costs to rising crude oil prices and demand far exceeding the current supply. Of course, it doesn’t help that OPEC+ refuses to increase production despite calls from several countries.

even President Joe Biden himself isn’t sure exactly when the shortage and price increases will cease.

While the rest of the country hasn’t quite hit these prices and probably won’t, barring some unforeseen disaster, there’s no doubting the pain many Americans feel at the pump. With winter rapidly approaching, the Biden Administration needs to take action now — or people might have to cancel holiday travel plans or, worse, could find themselves left in the cold.

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