A $20 Million Bounty Led to Capture for a Cartel Boss

A $20 Million Bounty Led to Capture for a Cartel Boss

A $20 MILLION Bounty Has Just Been Claimed

(DailyVantage.com) – The FBI’s most-wanted list contains several high-profile criminals, including some notorious narcotics kingpins. With the help of Mexican authorities — and the offer of a $20-million bounty — there’s one less crime lord on the streets. Authorities arrested Rafael Caro Quintero, sometimes nicknamed “El Narco,” on July 15 after prison officials mistakenly released him from a Mexican prison in 2013, where he was serving a prison sentence for murdering a US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent.

The courts convicted Caro Quintero of masterminding the death of the DEA agent, whom he tortured and gave amphetamine injections to keep him alive to prolong his suffering. Shortly after his release from jail, the United States condemned the error. Less than a week later, prosecutors issued a warrant for El Narco’s re-arrest, but he had already disappeared. He remained off the grid until recently when Mexican marines captured him in Sinaloa. Per Attorney General Merrick Garland, the US plans to seek his extradition immediately.

Despite his claims that he was no longer involved in the drug trade, Caro Quintero reportedly set up an entirely new cartel, Caborca, after his 2013 release.

Caro Quintero isn’t the only high-profile drug trafficker the US has sought. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, more commonly known and referred to as “El Chapo,” is currently jailed in a “supermax” prison in Colorado.

Authorities believe tensions will increase in the Sinaloa and Sonora states due to the arrest, resulting in a battle for control of the lucrative narcotics territory. The US Embassy has discouraged citizens from traveling to the area due to the high likelihood of kidnapping and crime.

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