A Russian Spy Reportedly Breached the CIA, Book Says

A Russian Spy Reportedly Breached the CIA, Book Says

Russian SPY Breached CIA – Details Released

(DailyVantage.com) – When you hear the word spy, it’s not unusual to conjure up images of James Bond infiltrating another organization. In the real world, it’s a common occurrence as well. In “The Fourth Man,” a Robert Baer book released on May 17, the author tells of how not just one but four Russian spies infiltrated the United States government.

It’s speculated that the US had soviet agents who worked in Moscow for our country following the Cold War Era. However, according to The Intercept, Russia had spies of its own who helped fish out the US spies who they arrested, imprisoned, or in some cases, reportedly executed. These three allegedly infiltrated our intelligence agencies and were rooted out thanks to the help of a KGB officer by the name of Alexander Zaporozhsky.

Aldrich Ames and Edward Lee Howard worked in the CIA, while Robert Hanssen was an FBI agent. While both Hanssen and Ames are in federal prison, having been caught and tried for their crimes, Howard escaped to Moscow, where he later died.

According to Baer, however, there’s allegedly a fourth man, hence the book’s title. The former CIA agent tells the story of the hunt for this double agent, who remains unidentified to this day.

The story began in 1994 with a special CIA team working to “methodically [investigate] their own bosses and colleagues,” carrying out one of the sneakiest operations of the time. While the spy was never identified, Baer reveals in his book that they’re no longer working as an operative.

During this same period, the US also arrested a Russian “sleeper agent” named Anna Chapman, who later served as the inspiration for the show “The Americans,” proving spy operations were alive and well. Are they going on even now?

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