Abbott Sends Busload of Migrants to Kamala’s Doorstep

Abbott Sends Busload of Migrants to Kamala's Doorstep

( – The southern border crisis has raged since President Joe Biden took office, showing no signs of abating. Governors in states bordering Mexico have taken matters into their own hands over the last several months, shipping immigrants to various liberal cities throughout the United States. One recent drop-off occurred on Christmas Eve. On Saturday, December 24, a busload of illegal immigrants from Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) landed on Vice President Kamala Harris’s doorstep at the US Naval Observatory. This transport was one of three buses carrying migrants to land in the city that night.

The temperatures were freezing as most of the country was under a cold spell. 7News and multiple other outlets reported that the migrants were ill-dressed to deal with the weather. Many wore only light sweaters or T-shirts. However, they weren’t outside for long. According to Christian Flores, a 7News reporter, the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network helped the stranded folks and took them to a nearby church.

This incident is hardly the first time Abbott has shipped illegal immigrants north. Since April, he has sent busloads to Democrat-controlled cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago, seeking to make a point about the embattled border towns in his state.

Do you think the southern border governors are doing the right thing in shipping illegal immigrants to Democratic cities, or is there a better solution?

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