ABC News Devastated as Producer Dies at 37

ABC News Devastated as Producer Dies at 37

( – “This Week,” with host George Stephanopoulos is a popular television show that airs on ABC News each Sunday. Unfortunately, the network and show suffered a devastating loss when its executive producer, 37-year-old Dax Tejera, passed away Friday, December 23, from a reported heart attack.

On December 24, ABC News President Kimberly Godwin disclosed the producer’s death in a company-wide memo, where she also asked employees to “hug [their] loved ones a little tighter. And please lean on each another[sic],” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tejera was in the midst of a successful career at the time of his death, which happened at a relatively young age. He spent half a decade working with NBC before his stint at ABC. The producer worked his way up from a researcher position, then moved to Fusion Media Network, where he served as executive producer on “America with Jorge Ramos.”

His co-workers, including “This Week’s” co-host Jonathan Karl, expressed condolences at his passing, saying it’s left them “shocked and hurt,” according to reporter Rachel Scott of ABC News. Correspondent Jim Avila tweeted, saying it was a “sad day” for the network and he only had “good thoughts” about his friend.

The producer left behind his wife and two young daughters.

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