Actor Imperioli Makes Cast Watch Capitol Riot Clips

( – Although the infamous January 6 capitol protest happened over three years ago, some celebrities still use the controversial event as a platform for political messages and promoting their work.

One such celebrity is television actor Michael Imperioli, an openly liberal actor who reached stardom following his years-long role in the HBO show “The Sopranos.” Imperioli recently discussed the January 6 protest with NBC News’s Kristen Welker and cited the incident as a direct inspiration for his rendition of the 1882 play “An Enemy of the People.”

During his interview with Welker, Imperioli said that he forced members of the play’s cast to watch videos of the Capitol riot due to the violence that occurred throughout the incident. According to Imperioli, his play features violence of a similar nature, and thus, the videos help his cast accurately portray the play’s events. Imperioli also highlighted how his play features themes of misinformation, which he cites as a primary reason for the Capitol riot. Many people have accused former President Donald Trump of purposely inciting the riot by misleading his supporters and telling them to “fight” after the 2020 presidential election, despite Trump’s public attempts to quell the unrest throughout the entire ordeal.

Imperioli also told Welker that his play features themes of people lusting after power, seemingly hinting at Trump’s alleged involvement in instigating the capitol riot. Imperioli didn’t directly reference Trump during the interview but spoke vaguely about the capitol protest and the people responsible. While Imperioli talked about his political beliefs and reason for using the January 6 protest as inspiration for his cast, he also briefly addressed a recent protest that interrupted his play.

A group of far-left climate activists recently attended one of Imperioli’s plays and interrupted the show to criticize Imperioli and other celebrities for their complicity in climate change. Despite the disruptive demonstration, Imperioli claims he wasn’t upset when the protestors interrupted his play. Imperioli said that he supported the protestors and found their demonstration “respectful,” according to the actor, he wasn’t offended by their actions. Imperioli has openly talked about his liberal political beliefs in the past and remains an avid critic of conservative officials like Trump, prompting some online commenters to accuse the actor of using politics to market his play and draw more attention to his work.

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