AG Garland Makes Startling Warning – Threats Against Public Servants On The Rise

( – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland recently issued a startling warning to Americans, claiming that public servants receive more threats from their constituents now than ever before. According to Garland, the FBI and the Department of Justice are attempting to reduce the violent crime rate, including the increasing rate of violent threats against public servants. Garland also claimed that the various federal law enforcement entities are working to deter other people from threatening public servants and assured Americans that the federal government won’t stop until the public’s safety is guaranteed.

While discussing the trends observed by his office, Garland noted a positive trend regarding violent crime. According to Garland, the violent crime rate in the United States is declining. Garland then said that the decrease in violent crime is encouraging to federal authorities, but he also noted a disturbing increase in threats against elected officials and other public servants. The FBI recently said the national homicide rate decreased by 6% from 2021 to 2022, with a double-digit reduction in murders throughout over 60 major United States cities. Despite the decrease in violent crime rates, Garland said the Department of Justice and other federal authorities have more work to do.

While discussing the increase in threats against public servants, Garland identified various officials targeted by the violent threats. Among the public servants listed by Garland are federal agents, judges, several presidential candidates, elected officials in both chambers of Congress, military service members, and election staff. Garland also referred to the recent bomb threats called in on several state capitols as an example of the increase in threats against officials.

While discussing the disturbing trend, Garland referred to a recent incident when a man threatened to kill Representative Eric Swalwell and his family as another example of the alarming increase in violent threats against public officials. Garland’s warning comes just days after the third anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riots, when a large group of protestors stormed the Capitol before vandalizing congressional offices and clashing with Capitol police.

In Garland’s statements about the increase in threats, the attorney general claimed that the threats against public servants threaten the “fabric of our democracy. Garland’s warning comes as authorities in various states report threats against certain lawmakers and fictitious bomb threats against state capitols. Despite several federal law enforcement entities working to prevent violent crimes and threats against public servants, Garland expects the rise in threats to increase until the conclusion of the 2024 presidential election.

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