Alleged Murderer Confesses to Killing Three Surfers in Mexico

( – More details on the murder of three surfers in the Mexican tourist town of Ensenada have emerged, with the girlfriend of one of the suspects coming out and saying that her boyfriend admitted to killing “three “gringos”.

The woman, Ari Gisel, had testified in court recently, saying that the suspect and her boyfriend, Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota, had visited her at her home in late April, bragging that he had done something to the three foreigners – “gringo” is the slang used to describe English-speaking foreigners or outsiders. Gisel added that Garcia Cota had later clarified to her that the “something” he was talking about was “killing” the three men.

The victims, Jack Carter Rhoad, an American, accompanied by brothers Jake and Callum Robinson from Australia, were on a camping and surfing trip in Ensenada when they were reported missing. Their bodies were found some time later, all sporting a gunshot to the head. Police say that the motive may most likely be an attempted robbery of the threes’ vehicle and/or parts of it. Investigators have theorized that the three men attempted to deescalate and diffuse the situation, but failed and were eventually shot in the head by the suspect and his gang.

Authorities say that Garcia Cota, also known as “el Kekas,” was accompanied by several other men during the incident. Gisel also testified that Garcia Cota even bragged that he had scored new tires, which ostensibly came from the truck used by Rhoad and the Robinson brothers.

The three are now in custody of the police, after drug cartels operating in the region handed the suspects over to law enforcement. According to police, brothers René and Aquiles Arzate head the Sinaloa Cartel branch in Ensenada. The suspects were handed off to police as cartel elements said that the incident was causing unwelcome and “undue attention” to the area. The suspects are also reportedly not members of the cartel.

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