American Citizens DEAD – Bodies Found!

Three Americans Found Dead in Mexican Airbnb

Three Americans Found Dead in Mexican AirBnB

( – Many people use AirBnB to find places to stay outside of hotels or resorts. The homestay service is available in many countries worldwide, and users typically have a good experience. But for young Americans, it was the last stay they’d ever have.

In October, three Americans traveled to Mexico to celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos holiday. Kandace Florence (28), Jordan Marshall (28), and Courtez Hall (33) rented an Airbnb for the duration of their stay. One night while speaking to her boyfriend back in the US, Florence told her partner she wasn’t feeling right. When the call disconnected, he contacted the home’s host, who called authorities to do a wellness check.

Unfortunately, they were too late to help the three Americans. Upon arrival, police found the guests dead. Authorities recently revealed the event was likely due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

AirBnB released a statement following the deaths, calling it a “terrible tragedy” and saying the company would cooperate in any investigations.

The company has suspended the listing for this particular house and canceled upcoming reservations. Travelers interested in renting a house or home share in Mexico City can still choose from more than 10,000 other listings, according to the company.

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