America’s Role in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

America’s Role in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

( – Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is considered the foundation of international human rights treaties and conventions. Its core principles were reiterated in nine binding international human rights treaties with all member states of the United Nations ratifying at least one.

The United States played a pivotal role in establishing the UDHR with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt serving as chairperson of its drafting committee. Drafted in part as a response to the horrors of World War II, the UDHR embraced the Four Freedoms of speech and religion and freedom from want and fear.

America’s Role Today in the UDHR

As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the US wields significant influence over global affairs to include promoting the principles set forth by the UDHR.

The US is committed to the enforcement and expansion of fundamental human rights as conceived and embodied by the UDHR. For example, it strives to set a global example through its human rights practices at home. The US consistently acts to promote policies of accountability at home and abroad.

The US cooperates with foreign governments to promote improvements in civil and human rights within their borders. Additionally, it works with privately-owned organizations and allies to ward off looming human rights catastrophes.

Promoting global human rights and awareness is key to combat a variety of global ailments infringing on basic human rights and freedoms, and the US is at the forefront of those efforts.

The United States’ commitment to the creation and continuance of core human rights as embodied by the UDHR is more vital than ever. As Sec. Pompeo explained to the United Nations, its preamble echoes America’s Declaration of Independence, which affirms the role of government is the preservation of the inalienable rights of all individuals.

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