Amid Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine, President Zelenskyy Calls for Mass Evacuation

Amid Heavy Fighting in Eastern Ukraine, President Zelenskyy Calls for Mass Evacuation

Mass Evacuations Requested – World Leader Gets Involved!

( – The war in Ukraine continues to wage on, more than five months after Russia’s invasion. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has tried to safeguard his citizens by attempting to set up humanitarian corridors and leaving the decision to evacuate up to them. Yet, he has apparently changed his mind due to an uptick of violence in the area amidst increasing danger and fighting in the eastern region of Ukraine.

“Necessary To Leave,” Zelenskyy Says

On Saturday, July 30, the Ukrainian president took to the airwaves and Telegram messaging service to issue evacuation orders. The directive applies to those in the Donbas sector, where Russian troops established a stronghold in Luhansk and Donetsk.

Zelenskyy noted, “there are hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of children” in the area, and if they don’t evacuate, he fears for their safety. He says the more residents of the region who leave, “the fewer people the Russian army will have time to kill.”

The leader pleaded with his citizens to get themselves out and convince those who had refused to leave that it’s in their best interest to evacuate. “Terror is a main weapon of Russia,” he said. To persuade Ukrainians to vacate the zone, the president has promised government aid logistically and financially. He didn’t elaborate on details.

Russia’s Focus on Eastern Ukraine

Early in the war, the Kremlin-led forces spread their efforts across Ukraine, particularly focusing on Kyiv, trying to capture the nation’s capital city. After several weeks of battling, the effort proved futile, and troops backed out to target other regions, including Donbas.

Since then, opposing forces heavily occupied the area, and civilian casualties continued to rise. Earlier in July, Russia captured full control of Luhansk, but it continues to wage war to capture the entire sector. As part of its efforts, enemy troops captured Ukrainian forces as prisoners of war in a detention center struck by a missile on Friday. More than 100 were killed or injured in the strike, and both sides continue to point the finger at each other for the attack, but news outlets haven’t been able to confirm details independently.

In the meantime, Zelenskyy’s troops continue to battle despite Russia’s stronghold, hoping to fend them off eventually. It’s unclear how many have evacuated since the Ukrainian leader issued his plea or whether they will leave the area at all.

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