Andrew Cuomo Expected to Run Again

Andrew Cuomo Expected to Run Again

( – Just when you think you’ve heard the last of disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political career, he resurfaces… and this time, the news is a doozy. It turns out, despite the charges and accusations that drove him out of office, his days in politics might not be over… yet.

Albany insiders, and even Cuomo’s remaining advisers, seem to think he might make another run for his old office. Rumors even swirled he might have his sights set higher than that. People directly connected to him told the New York Post he’s considering a run for the attorney general position to fill the shoes of Letitia James, who’s eyeing the governor role.

Of course, the reactions to this news are exactly as one would expect:

Some speculate he’s got revenge on his mind, but there’s been no direct word from Cuomo himself.

Judging by his coffers, he might have a fighting chance at running a successful campaign. After all, he has $18 million at his disposal, and James won her election with far less than that.

But, there’s one thing Cuomo needs to remember. Voters have long memories, and his actions aren’t so old they’ve been pushed under the rug if the weekly headlines are any indication.

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