Angry Exchange – Biden RESPONDS to Hunter Biden’s Testimony

( – Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden about Devon Archer’s testimony that implicated the President in his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. Rather than responding, the President snapped that he had never talked business and that it was a lousy question.

This question was the first asked by the press to President Biden about the allegations against him from Archer. While the President’s answer was brief, it did show conflict with the sworn testimony of Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee about the speakerphone calls he alleges occurred between Hunter and Joe Biden about business.

Republicans and Democrats have tried to spin Archer’s testimony to favor their narrative, either for or against the President. Republicans have argued that the Biden family’s dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings were corrupt, with then-Vice President Biden applying pressure to fire the prosecutor investigating corruption charges against Burisma and its president, who served as Hunter Biden’s boss.

Republicans argue that Biden specifically threatened Ukrainian aid from the International Monetary Fund if prosecutor Shokin was not ousted. Archer told Tucker Carlson that Shokin was the biggest threat to Burisma in the Ukrainian government. Subsequently, Republicans argued that Archer’s testimony proved them correct and demonstrated corruption on behalf of the Biden family.

However, Democrats say it vindicates the President. They argue that it was just Hunter Biden at fault, who has already taken a plea deal with the government over tax evasion. They highlighted that Archer dismissed the allegations that the President had received a bribe from Burisma’s Zlochevsky, which would have shown a direct connection to his son’s business dealings.

Despite this, Archer asserted that on at least 20 occasions during Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden called his father or received a call from him to talk to business associates. President Biden has denied any involvement in or potential corruption in overseas business dealings since his 2020 campaign. Further developments about the President’s alleged involvement could bring trouble to his re-election campaign.

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