Angry Putin Is Preparing Another Move, Intel Warns

( – Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues to rage on more than two weeks after the initial invasion. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukrainian forces have been steadfast in fighting back against the invading troops, and CIA Director William Burns thinks it’s affecting Russian President Vladimir Putin. He presented his concerns in front of the House Intelligence Committee during its annual worldwide threats hearing.

Burns believes “Putin is angry and frustrated right now,” and it’s likely to cause him to “double down” rather than back out if that’s true. In doing so, Burns says the Russian president will disregard civilian life.

The topic of Russia’s invasion and its ongoing threat to Ukraine dominated the majority of the meeting. In addition to addressing Putin’s purported state of mind, intelligence officials pointed to several miscalculations on his part. They also noted Russian forces have bombed civilian and residential areas, implying the actions could be declared war crimes.

Of course, any reference to Putin’s state of mind is mere speculation on the CIA Director’s and the intelligence committee’s part. Only time will tell how the situation plays out and what actions Russia takes next. In the meantime, Ukraine is receiving humanitarian aid and military assistance from several countries to aid in its fight.

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