Another Putin ALLY Found Dead

Russian Aviation Scientist Anatoly Gerashchenko, a Putin Ally, Found Dead After Fall

Russian Aviation Scientist Anatoly Gerashchenko, a Putin Ally, Found Dead After Fall

( – Over the last several months, there have been a notable number of suspicious deaths of people connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Multiple energy, technology, and financial industry elites have passed away in what many consider unusual circumstances. Anatoly Gerashchenko, 73, former head of Moscow’s Aviation Institute (MAI), was the latest to meet an unfortunate end.

On September 21, MAI officials released a statement on Gerashchenko’s death. According to reports, the scientist fell down several flights of stairs at the institute and succumbed to his injuries. Medical workers pronounced him dead at the scene, and the university is reportedly investigating his accident.

Gerashchenko was an accomplished professor with more than 50 credited scientific publications. He had received the Medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland, a prestigious award, for his contributions to the state.

As for Gerashchenko’s alleged ties to Putin, MIA works closely with the president’s Defence Ministry. The timing of the loss is unusual, especially as it coincided with Putin’s ordered military mobilization.

Gerashchenko’s accident is the third suspicious death this month, starting with Lukoil chair Ravil Maganov’s fall from a hospital window just weeks earlier. Then, on September 12, Ivan Pechorin, a top official in the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, reportedly died of an accidental drowning.

Are these mysterious deaths connected, or are they just unfortunate coincidences?

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