AOC Blames Boy’s Murder Partly On DeSantis’s Gaza Refugees Remark

( – According to controversial House of Representatives member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, the heinous murder of a young Muslim boy is partially due to comments made by Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. AOC refers to DeSantis’s controversial claims that refugees from Middle Eastern regions like Gaza shouldn’t be accepted into the United States and that refugees from Middle Eastern countries should go to other Arab countries.

DeSantis received criticism for his comments, as many claimed it was xenophobic rhetoric. The presidential candidate doubled down on his statements and announced he would not accept refugees from regions like Gaza if elected president. DeSantis defended his claims by stating that refugees from predominately Muslim countries don’t support “Israel’s right to exist” and thus shouldn’t receive aid from allies of Israel. AOC drew attention to DeSantis’s controversial statements during an interview with CNN, claiming statements like those made by DeSantis encourage violence against Muslims. AOC expressly referred to a recent incident in which a grown man stabbed a 6-year-old boy to death simply due to the boy being a Muslim.

The heinous murder of the young boy is being classified as a hate crime by authorities, as the boy and his mother were targeted due to being Muslims. The child’s mother survived with serious injuries, but the young boy succumbed shortly after the attack. The attacker is a 71-year-old man named Joseph M. Czuba, who stabbed the child over 20 times, causing the young boy’s death. Czuba is now charged with first-degree murder for the stabbing and will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, as eyewitness testimony heavily implicates Czuba as the attacker. Czuba’s motive for the attack remains unknown, but authorities claim interviews indicate the heinous act is a hate crime focused on the victims’ faith.

The United States Justice Department is investigating Czuba’s actions as a potential hate crime and will likely charge Czuba with a federal hate crime in the coming weeks. The conflict in Israel and Gaza is ongoing, and many fear the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel will cause further issues across the globe. According to some citizens, like AOC, the heinous crime committed by Czuba results from dangerous rhetoric from elected officials like Ron DeSantis.

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