Are You Registered to Vote?

Are You Registered to Vote?

( – The 2020 election is rapidly approaching! On November 3, Americans will cast their votes for who they want to see lead the country, sit in the halls of Congress, and run their local communities. Are you prepared?

Whether you’re a first time voter or just need a quick refresher on how elections work in the United States, we want to help. Check out this quick overview.

Register to Vote

First and foremost, ensure that you’re registered to vote. Registration processes vary between states, and each has its own website(s) dedicated to managing your voting status. You’ll need to register in person in some states; you can do so from the comfort of your home in others.

Not sure if you’re registered yet? Check in seconds at this link

If you need more information about your local area, visit Choose your state from the dropdown menu to instantly see links to your state’s voting website. You can also confirm registration deadlines at the same time.

Find Your Candidates

Once you’ve registered to vote, you’ll need to know who’s up for election and who you can vote for. Some candidates, like the president, can receive votes from virtually everyone in your state. However, you’ll be voting on much more than just the President of the United States in November — most of your voting options will be for local candidates running in your district.

For an overview of who is running all across the nation, visit While a useful tool, do realize it may not have real-time updates on certain information, like which candidates are officially on the ballots. For specific information on your voting district and who you can vote for, you’ll need to visit, or sign into, your state’s voting website.

If you’re curious about polling numbers, take a look through It may lack information on some local-level elections, but it’s handy for national-level races.

This year has been a rollercoaster; upcoming elections are likely to be exciting, too. In fact, some say that 2020 is the most important year to vote in yet. Whether or not that’s the truth, exercising your right to vote is how we, the people, determine the fate of America.

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