Army Prepping for Arctic Warfare Readiness

Army Prepping for Arctic Warfare Readiness

U.S. Troops Redeployed – Getting Ready To Fight!

( – Members of the US Army train to deal with most climate conditions, from one extreme to the other. However, in recent years the military branch has lagged in one area: cold-weather conflicts. With Russia and China posing ever-increasing threats, the Army has decided to revamp some of its forces to withstand frigid temperatures — particularly those in the Arctic.

According to Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, the branch will overhaul its Alaskan forces to create a mobile infantry unit complete with better equipment more suited to the climate. The plan involves combining the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division with the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team to become the 11th Airborne Division.

Under the plan, the forces will remain in Alaska to train in both the temperatures and the terrain, better equipping them to fight in those conditions should the need arise. This plan has been under consideration for some time, even before Russia invaded Ukraine, and aims at ensuring the US maintains “Arctic-capable forces.” Eventually, the Army could dispatch these troops to the Indo-Pacific or European arenas.

Training sessions have already started and involved 10,000 troops, including some Canadian forces. Wormuth hopes to finalize the plan soon and gain approval from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

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