Avatar Director James Cameron Flips Booing Audience the Bird

Avatar' Director James Cameron Flips Booing Audience the Bird

(DailyVantage.com) – Director James Cameron attended a special screening of his new movie last weekend — and his reception wasn’t all it could have been. Some fans turned hostile as the director left the venue, but the filmmaker soon let them know what he thought of their rudeness. Meanwhile, the movie itself is doing well in theaters.

Hollywood’s 20th Century Studios released Cameron’s latest film, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” in the US on Friday, December 16. The next day the director attended a special screening in Beverly Hills, but as he left, some unpleasantness erupted from a crowd of fans.

Surrounded by autograph hunters, Cameron decided against hanging around to sign anything and headed straight for his waiting limo. Some in the crowd didn’t react well to that and started to boo him — there were even calls of “F**k Avatar!” Still, the director gave as good as he got. As he reached the car, he raised one finger at the hecklers in an unmistakable gesture.

The original 2009 Avatar is the highest-grossing movie of all time, and Cameron and 20th Century Studios had high hopes for the sequel. So far, it isn’t breaking any records, but its first four days at the US box office brought in over $150 million. With global ticket sales totaling $497 million so far, it’s already overtaken its $350 million production costs and could actually make a profit. If fans keep heading into theaters, Cameron won’t be losing much sleep over Saturday’s incident.

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