Babysitters CHARGED – Here’s Their Alleged Crime!

Teen Babysitters Charged With Horrific Abuse

Teen Babysitters Charged With Horrific Abuse

( – Child abuse is more common than people think, with approximately one in four kids suffering some type of maltreatment in their lives. While older children can speak out, the littlest ones suffer quietly because they can’t tell anyone what’s happening. A recent horrific case involving a 5-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy tortured for days illustrates the point. One physician involved in uncovering the crime told investigators it was “the worst case of abuse he has seen in over 20 years.” Authorities arrested the children’s aunt and her boyfriend and charged each with two counts of torture last week.

On Thursday, September 22, police took Diego Ramon Calzada-Russette, 19, into custody. Three days later, they also arrested his girlfriend, Jamie Rae Wilson, 19. She’s reportedly the children’s aunt. It all started with an emergency phone call during which the caller said a 2-year-old boy had fallen down a flight of stairs. Upon inspection at the hospital, medical staff discovered the young child covered in bruises and cigarette burns.

Initially, the police were unaware the 5-year-old girl was in the couple’s custody. Medical personnel later inspected her at a hospital and also found her covered in bruises. Doctors also discovered she suffered a ruptured spleen and blunt force trauma. Additionally, healthcare workers worried about bleeding in her brain. The little girl reportedly said Wilson’s boyfriend hurt her.

When questioned by authorities, Wilson initially said the children showed up in that condition but later alleged her boyfriend, Calzada-Russette, had abused them. He admitted to hurting the children but said Wilson was complicit, specifically blaming her for the cigarette burns.

Both appeared in court on Monday, where a judge remanded them to jail on a $1 million bond.

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