Bail Denied for Freedom Protest Leader

Bail Denied for Freedom Protest Leader

( – In late January, hundreds of truckers in Canada gathered and converged on Ottawa, Ontario, the nation’s capital, in protest of the government’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions. A few weeks later, on February 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. Authorities subsequently took measures to clear the area by towing the trucks and arresting protesters at his direction. One of those protesters still remains in jail and was recently denied bail.

Authorities recognized Tamara Lich as the person who created the GoFundMe account and arrested her on Thursday, February 17, charging her with “counseling to commit mischief.”

Lich appeared at a bail hearing the following Saturday, where she promised to leave Ottawa if granted bail. However, on Tuesday, February 22, Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois denied her request for bail. The judge felt Lich was insincere in her statement to the court and believed she would re-offend — even though prosecutors never convicted Lich of a crime.

Justice Bourgeois also pointed to Lich’s failure to have a plan to get home, despite the fact Lich said she couldn’t make immediate arrangements to return to her family because government officials froze her bank account, and she didn’t have access to necessary documents.

Bourgeois’ lawyer, Diane Magas, plans to appeal the bail decision.

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