Ballot BRAWL – New Political Party Leaves Dems Speechless

( – Arizona Democrats failed to hinder the No Labels Party after an Arizona judge rejected their lawsuit to block the third party from ballot access in the state. Democrats fear third-party presidential candidates could undermine the voter coalitions required for President Biden to win re-election in crucial battleground states.

Judge Katherine Cooper wrote that the lawsuit lacked the proper arguments against any deficiencies in No Labels’ paperwork filings. However, Democrats could refile the suit with a new case.

Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes acknowledged No Labels as a political party earlier this year. No Labels had garnered over 41,000 Arizona voter signatures, more than the 10,000-vote margin Biden had over then-President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans believe that would allow Trump to win Arizona with only a plurality. Arizona has specifically been zeroed in on due to the close race. However, No Labels has also gained ballot access in Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon. Speculation about who their presidential candidate could be includes names like former Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH), and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Recent polling from Emerson College shows Trump with a 2-point lead over Biden at 45% to 43%. This lead is 1-point, 42% to 41%, when including third-party candidate Cornel West. West is a candidate in the Green Party and has the backing of the People’s Party, positioning him closer to progressive voters who may otherwise vote for Biden in a two-way race.

However, it is not the job of West to step aside for candidates likely to win the election. Instead, it will be the job of Biden’s re-election campaign to gain the support of those considering someone other than himself or Trump in the election. Despite this, West’s candidacy would narrow the election in Arizona rather than only reduce Biden’s support. While the 2024 election is over a year away, primaries quickly approach in the coming months, leading to political parties mobilizing for crucial races up and down the ballot.

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