Barr BREAKS Silence – Trump’s Future in QUESTION!

( – Former Attorney General Bill Barr commented on the federal indictments against Donald Trump, claiming that Trump would face conviction on some of the charges against him before the end of next year’s election. Barr stated that Trump’s presidential election bid shouldn’t provide him with immunity from prosecution and that he believes Trump will be found guilty for some of the crimes he allegedly committed.

Barr’s comments come just days after a fourth criminal indictment against Donald Trump surfaced. Trump currently faces charges in several states, including Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C. The latest indictment against the former president stems from Georgia and alleges that Trump illegally attempted to overturn the events of the 2020 election by asking Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to “find” votes that would give him an edge over President Joe Biden.

Despite Barr’s frequent criticisms of Trump, Barr discussed the latest indictment and charges against the former president and called them “broad” and “excessive.” Trump currently faces 91 criminal counts in four different locations, with some charges being state-level and others being federal offenses. Trump’s ongoing legal battles range from an alleged hush-money controversy to potential election fraud. They will factor heavily into the upcoming Republican nomination if a resolution isn’t reached in the cases soon. Despite his ongoing legal battles, Trump remains confident, and he confirmed he will not drop out of the election if convicted.

Although Barr criticized the latest indictment against the former president, he claimed that the federal charges against Trump were legitimate and predicted that he would be convicted by next summer. Barr remains one of Trump’s most vocal critics, regularly appearing on media outlets to discuss Trump’s ongoing criminal cases.

Barr claims that although Trump will likely face a conviction during next year’s election, the former attorney general doesn’t believe Trump should go to prison. Barr thinks that if convicted, Trump should undergo home detention or house arrest. Barr commented numerous times that he didn’t like the idea of a former president going to a detention center and that such an outcome could damage the United States. Trump’s legal cases will unfold during the Republican primary season and could result in Trump losing the massive lead he currently possesses in popularity amongst GOP voters.

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