Bear Slipper-Wearing Repo Man Killed While Doing His Job

( – Forty-four-year-old Jesse Jones was shot and killed on Thursday, September 7th, 2023. Jones was the owner of a wrecker company called JJ’s Towing and Recovery. He was attempting to repossess a Jeep Cherokee in Hamilton Heights, Missouri. Jones was assisting the female owner of the Jeep by helping her unload her belongings before the vehicle was taken. This is when he was attacked and shot by Dwayne Davis.

Davis allegedly left the scene in the Jeep Cherokee. Police tracked him using the vehicle’s GPS. When Illinois State Police attempted to stop the vehicle, Davis sped away and ended up crashing into the Poplar Street Bridge. Police say someone witnessed Davis getting out of the vehicle and throwing a gun off the bridge immediately after the crash. According to St. Louis Police, Davis claims the female owner of the Jeep called to alert him of the repossession, prompting him to attack Jones. Davis was denied bond.

When police arrived on the scene and found Jones lying on the ground, he was wearing slippers shaped like bear feet. According to Jones’ sister, Stephanie Jones, he was lucky to have been wearing shoes at all. She fondly described her brother as goofy and lighthearted, with his own quirky sense of style. She also described her brother as being a “big, burly man”, but said that he would do anything to make someone smile.

Jones was recently married. His new wife, Chrysta, said she became worried when he stopped answering her calls. Due to the dangerous nature of his work, they frequently spoke of “safety checks”. Jones also leaves behind a teenage daughter and an adopted adult son.

Chrysta Jones also stated that she believes Davis’s family must also be suffering because “they’ve lost something too”.

Davis was taken into custody by the Illinois State Police. He was charged with first-degree murder and robbery, along with other charges related to the incident. He is being held without bond.

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