Bible Canceled in Big School District

Bible Canceled in Big School District

Bible Canceled at School!

( – Many school districts have come under fire lately for the texts and library books they offer children. One in Texas recently drew ire, not for what it chose to keep on the shelves, but for what it’s removing from circulation — at least temporarily.

Jennifer Price, Keller Independent School District’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, sent a letter to all their facilities. She directed officials to pull more than 40 titles from library shelves and classrooms pending their review. A surprising inclusion on the list? The Holy Bible (all versions).

People are in an uproar, asking why the district is removing the Bible after previously deciding to keep it available. A district committee initially added the Holy Book to the list of challenged books in November 2021 after several community members expressed outrage for various reasons over its inclusion in school libraries.

Now, the challenge committees will review the extensive book list, although there’s no timeline for the process. If a challenge committee approves a book — meaning it met the new district guidelines — libraries and classrooms will make it available again. For now, parents and students must wait and see whether the Bible will make a return, but if the community response is any indication, the issue could face some serious debate soon.

Do you think the schools should remove the Holy Book from their libraries?

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