Biden Admin Takes Action Over Months-long Formula Shortage

Biden Admin Takes Action Over Months-long Formula Shortage

Joe Biden Gives Military-style Order – It’s a Crisis!

( – Americans have struggled to find baby formula on store shelves for the last several weeks. A February shutdown of an Abbott Nutrition plant and supply chain issues led to increased shortages. Outrage ensued after GOP lawmakers discovered the Biden administration had provided baby formula access to illegal immigrants, yet the government was doing nothing to curtail the issue for American citizens. Now, it seems the administration has finally decided to take action.

On Wednesday, May 18, President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act of 1950, which directs companies to prioritize orders coming directly from the federal government, regardless of the financial impact on the company. In short, Biden ordered companies selling ingredients for baby formula to supply them to formula manufacturers before fulfilling other orders placed for the same products.

In addition to invoking the Defense Production Act, Biden also authorized “Operation Fly Formula,” giving the Defense Department the ability to fly formula from overseas to the US as long as it meets federal standards. As part of this order, 78,000 pounds of baby formula landed in Indianapolis on Sunday to deal with the shortage. The administration expects more to arrive this week from Germany.

While it’s a good thing the Biden Administration finally took action, it begs the question: what took so long?

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