Biden Blames GOP Tax Cuts for Child Poverty

( – According to President Joe Biden, the Republican effort to push for more tax cuts caused the poverty rate among children to double between 2021 and 2022. Biden claims that his proposed Child Tax Credit Enhancement would’ve prevented the increase in poverty, but Republicans prevented the policy from becoming law in 2022.

Biden isn’t taking any responsibility for the growing poverty rate of the nation’s children despite championing multiple economic policies that fail to yield long-term results, such as the Inflation Reduction Act. Biden claims he will continue to support a policy geared toward credit enhancement. Such a plan is unlikely to succeed, given the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Biden’s decision to blame Republicans for the growing poverty rate isn’t entirely surprising, as acknowledging the poverty rate as a potential consequence of his economic platform might further endanger his presidential campaign. Biden is already the subject of multiple national scandals and wants to prevent further scrutiny regarding his controversial policies.

The reported increase in poverty is alarming to the Democratic leadership, as it indicates Biden’s now-infamous “Bidenomics” is failing. Biden toured the southeastern United States this past summer to discuss the numerous benefits of his economic plan but was unable to convince voters of his administration’s success. Biden campaigned on his claims to focus on eliminating poverty and wealth inequality for Americans of all demographics. Still, his policies fail to deliver on his massive promises. Biden quickly blamed Republicans for the increased poverty rate, but it seems as though voters will consider the White House’s failure to reduce poverty as the underlying cause.

Biden isn’t just facing criticism online for failing to reduce economic hardship and poverty; his presidential campaign is losing support in critical election states like Iowa. Biden remains the only Democratic candidate running in the election but is now tied with Trump in various polls, indicating a drop in popularity within his party. Biden isn’t acknowledging the decline in support, but his campaign focuses on shifting the blame for his failures onto Republicans like Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Biden regularly claims to be the best choice for American voters in 2024, but many citizens no longer believe his promises.

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