Biden Blames Potential Government Shutdown on GOP

( – While speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus on Sunday, President Joe Biden blamed the potential government shutdown on a group of “extreme Republicans.” During an annual awards dinner, Biden spoke to the caucus alongside controversial Vice President Kamala Harris, who spoke about her efforts to “lead the fight” for women’s reproductive rights.

The comments from Biden illustrate a tactic often used by the chief executive: blaming Republicans for his own administration’s shortcomings. Biden blamed Republican lawmakers for the shutdown earlier this year that was only narrowly avoided, despite his policies being the reason Republican lawmakers hesitated to push forward in drafting policy. The looming government shutdown will reflect poorly on Biden’s claims of bipartisanship and hinder his efforts to portray himself as a cooperative, moderate Democrat.

A potential government shutdown is days away, and a solution for the ongoing problem is unlikely to materialize. Moderate Republicans‘ attempts to reach a satisfactory conclusion before federal services are shut down for millions nationwide are temporarily halted. Their efforts are hindered by Republicans unwillingness to work with President Biden and the Democratic majority in the Senate.

The shutdown would be the second time the government has ground to a halt under Biden’s leadership and will have a powerful effect on American citizens if both parties don’t reach a satisfactory conclusion soon. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy will move forward in the House of Representatives to provide funding to areas of government infrastructure, but it seems unlikely he will get the support needed for such a policy to become law.

The government shutdown will halt paychecks for millions of federal employees and prevent federal agencies from carrying out any non-essential tasks. Programs like Social Security will remain relatively unaffected, and checks under that program will go out as scheduled, but millions of Americans will have federal benefits postponed until Congress finds a method to move forward and continue with policy development. Despite Biden’s claims that “extreme Republicans” are to blame for the looming government shutdown, the Biden Administration isn’t providing any alternative to the Republican holdouts.

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