Biden Claims He Intends To Visit the Mexican Border

Biden Claims He Intends To Visit the Mexican Border

( – The border crisis has been raging out of control for the past two years since President Joe Biden took office. So far in fiscal year 2023, border patrol has encountered 617,250 migrants on the US-Mexico border, according to Fox News — in just over three months. This number represents 100,000 more than the same time last year. Biden originally appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the issue, but neither of them visited the border to see the crisis in person. According to new reports, that record might be about to change.

On January 4, Fox News reported that Biden plans to attend the January 9-10 American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico City. During that visit, he apparently has an “intention” to visit the actual border. The president said they were “working out the details.” However, according to those familiar with the plan, he will not be talking about immigration policy at the time.

If Biden does visit the border, this will be his first viewing during his time in office. He’s failed to assess the issue first-hand despite the record-breaking numbers of migrants who approached and crossed since January 2021. Of the encounters to date this fiscal year, officials expelled fewer than 200,000 under Title 42 — suggesting the government released just over 400,000 into the United States. Texas and Florida Republican governors have bused many north to Democratic-led cities.

As recently as early December, Biden said he couldn’t visit the border because he had “more important things going on.” Yet, the government has deployed Air Marshals to help with the influx of migrants overwhelming Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Where Biden plans to visit and when remains unclear, though the move would be a good first step in showing Americans that the administration is finally taking the crisis seriously.

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