Biden Claims Recently Talking with French President Dead Since 1996

( – President Joe Biden recently told a story during an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, which caused some concern among voters. The alarm stems from Biden’s claims that he spoke with former French President Francois Mitterrand during a meeting in 2021, despite Mitterrand dying in 1996. White House staffers quickly dispelled the bizarre story as Biden simply mixing up names of French presidents, but some online commenters aren’t entirely convinced.

Biden referred to Mitterrand while criticizing former President Donald Trump, whom Biden claims poses a danger to national threat. During Biden’s appearance in Nevada, he said he spoke to Mitterrand during the 2021 G7 Summit in England months after Biden took office. While discussing the G7 meeting, Biden stated that he had a brief exchange with Mitterrand where he bragged about America’s strength. Biden supporters quickly defended the aging president after the bizarre statement, claiming he was talking about French President Emmanuel Macron and getting the two French politicians’ names confused.

While sharing his story about Mitterrand, Biden seemingly lost track of Mitterrand’s nationality and said the deceased official represented Germany. Following the mistake, Biden quickly corrected himself, said Mitterrand was from France, and continued sharing details about the G7 meeting. The story soon made national headlines, with Biden’s political opponents citing the bizarre story as another example of Biden’s declining mental health. Online media outlets added the statement to a growing list of Biden’s false or confusing statements, which they feel indicates Biden’s inability to adequately perform his duties as the chief executive.

The G7 story quickly brought attention to Biden’s status as the oldest person to serve as the United States president. Many elected officials claim that Biden’s age prevents him from being an effective president, citing the aging President’s constant verbal gaffes and physical mishaps. One such accident occurred when Biden was walking up the steps to Air Force One before falling and almost rolling down the stairs. Biden dismissed the Air Force One fall as a simple mishap and regularly claims he’s physically and mentally capable of remaining the United States president.

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