Biden’s RACIAL TALK Turns Awkward – It’s Going Viral!

( – President Joe Biden, who seems to have an endless supply of bizarre and incoherent statements in his quiver, went viral during a Black History Month speech at the White House on Monday.

In the middle of the speech, Biden declared “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid.” The comment, which elicited laughter from the audience, was presented without any context or logical coherence. 

Biden went on to say “I know where the power is…I learned about the Divine Nine.” The Divine Nine is apparently a group of historically black fraternities. Mention of this, however, came out of left field.

The clip of Biden’s weird comment quickly went viral on social media. Journalist and author Andy Ngo called Biden’s odd quip a “disparaging racial comment” in a tweet posted on Tuesday. Twitter user Proud Elephant tweeted “why is Joe Biden such a racist POS?” 

Perhaps the most common theme from Twitter, however, can be summed up with this tweet from Greg Price, “FACT CHECK: Joe Biden is both white and stupid.” 

Biden, however, is no stranger to putting his foot in his mouth. Twitter user Steve Guest provided users with a flashback of when, then candidate, Biden appeared on The Breakfast Club with radio host Charlamagne tha God. During that appearance Biden declared that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” 

The comments were immediately met with a barrage of backlash. Charlamagne himself went on MSNBC to retort saying that Biden, instead of assuming he can secure the black vote without putting in any effort, needs to make “some really major policy commitments for the black community.” 

Biden later apologized saying that he was not taking the black vote “for granted” and that he has always earned it. 

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