Biden Declares Military Victory Over Ukraine, Even Though Country Is Still Occupied

( – President Joe Biden declared a Ukrainian military victory by stating that Russia has lost its invasion of Ukraine, despite over twenty percent of Ukraine remaining occupied by Russian forces. Biden then stated that Putin had already lost Ukraine.

Biden’s declaration of a military victory comes just days after the United States provided Ukraine with cluster munitions, a highly controversial decision that has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. Former President Donald Trump even weighed in on Biden’s decision to provide Ukraine with the cluster bombs, stating that he wouldn’t have given Ukraine the military aid that Biden did.

Biden has remained one of Ukraine’s most vocal supporters and seems adamant that the United States will aid Ukraine in every way possible, except for providing troops. While Biden claims that the conflict in Ukraine is practically over, the reality is that the war will likely rage on and potentially escalate.

Ukrainian officials like President Volodymyr Zelensky have been pushing for Ukraine to gain membership in NATO, a decision that would essentially provide Ukraine with military support from across the globe. While Ukrainian officials have made their desire to join NATO well known, many NATO members believe such an outcome would escalate the ongoing conflict with Russia even further.

Ukraine is already receiving heavy military aid from NATO members, many of whom have already pledged continued support throughout the conflict. Zelensky has expressed outrage at NATO’s reluctance to allow Ukraine to gain membership and even posted a tweet to express his anger. The tweet in question criticized NATO for promising membership but providing no timeline, a claim that outraged United States officials.

Zelensky’s comments about NATO drew heavy criticism from Ukraine’s allies, with many pointing out that over $70 billion of military aid was already provided to Ukraine and that an additional $6 billion was recently approved. Although Zelensky’s decision to call out NATO on Twitter drew disdain from United States officials, it seems the United States will continue to provide military aid to Ukraine for the foreseeable future.

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