Biden Defends Son, Says He’s Innocent

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been convicted of federal gun charges, causing some media outlets to highlight Biden’s staunch defense of his son during various press events last year.

President Biden famously defended his son during a 2023 interview with MSNBC, claiming he did not violate the law and shouldn’t face criminal consequences. Biden’s statement resulted in immediate backlash from conservative and independent lawmakers due to the mountain of evidence against his son.

During his interview with MSNBC personality Stephanie Ruhle, Biden was questioned about his son’s ongoing criminal cases and how they could affect his presidency. Biden responded by claiming there wasn’t a connection between himself and Hunter Biden’s criminal charges and by protesting his son’s innocence. Biden said his son “did nothing wrong” and reaffirmed his trust and support for Hunter Biden. Biden also told Ruhle that he was proud of his son and believed in Hunter Biden’s innocence.

Biden’s interview with MSNBC wasn’t the first time the president addressed Hunter Biden’s gun charges. The president briefly discussed the case in 2022, when it first made national headlines, and said he didn’t know the details. During his 2022 statement about Hunter Biden’s gun charges, Biden said that he believed his son didn’t violate the law and pointed out Hunter Biden’s memoir as evidence of his son’s evidence. Despite Biden’s repeated defenses of his son, the president has since changed his statements and clarified how he’d proceed following his son’s conviction.

Prosecutors charged Hunter Biden with three federal gun charges following a lengthy legal battle that involved several failed plea agreements. One such plea agreement featured a prosecution diversion, which would’ve allowed Hunter Biden to plead guilty to his federal tax offenses in exchange for immunity from other charges. Hunter Biden eventually refused to plead guilty to the tax offenses, causing the deal to fall apart shortly before his trial for the aforementioned gun charges in Delaware.

The jury in Hunter Biden’s Delaware case deliberated for just hours after the defense and prosecution presented closing arguments, ultimately convicting Hunter Biden for all three gun charges. If sentenced for the charges consecutively, Hunter Biden could spend more than 20 years in prison. Following his son’s conviction, President Biden confirmed that he would respect the jury’s verdict and that his son wouldn’t receive a presidential pardon. Despite President Biden’s claim that he won’t pardon his son, some political experts believe he may free Hunter Biden if he loses the 2024 presidential election, given the lack of impact on his political career.

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