Biden Deploys His Allies As Polls Show He’s Losing Support On Key Issues

( – President Joe Biden is planning on traveling throughout the United States with two of his cabinet officials after polls indicate Biden has a disapproval rating of 60 percent regarding his economic policies. Biden will visit South Carolina, his Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and his Interior Secretary Debra Haaland. 

The White House officials plan to speak about Biden’s various economic policies and how they aim to help reduce costs for American families. For example, Vice President Kamala Harris will also leave the White House to visit the Gila River Reservation in Arizona to discuss how the administration hopes to aid Native Americans through policies. 

The various public appearances are to bolster Biden’s abysmal approval rating ahead of next year’s election and draw attention away from the scandals involving the Biden family. One such scandal involves Joe Biden’s youngest son Hunter, who is at the center of an ongoing controversy that alleges the Biden family took part in a bribery scheme.

Despite Biden’s repetitive claims that the American economy is doing well under his leadership, polls indicate that voters are dissatisfied with the country’s economy. According to the poll’s results, 68 percent of voters feel unhappy with how the United States economy has developed under Joe Biden’s policies, with an additional eight percent feeling the economy is in poor shape. Despite his growing disapproval rating Biden remains adamant that his policies help America’s working and middle classes, and he will push forward with his re-election bid starting next year. 

Biden’s planned visit to South Carolina aims to prove that his policies help red and blue states and bolster his support in a historically Republican location. Despite his constant assertions that he doesn’t play favorites and that his policies are to help the nation as a whole, Biden hasn’t announced any plans to visit other states like Arkansas or Texas, despite their lackluster economic performance under his leadership. Biden’s Visit to South Carolina is likely the latest in a long line of public appearances meant to build his support in states that historically voted for his opponent Donald Trump. 

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