Biden Describes Illegal Aliens as ‘Model Citizens’ in Push for Amnesty

( – The White House recently hosted a celebration for Cinco de Mayo, where President Joe Biden spoke about the ongoing surge of immigrants into the United States and described immigrants enrolled in the DACA program as “model citizens.”

President Biden followed up his initial comments by announcing his plan to provide amnesty to immigrants enrolled in the DACA program and immigrants eligible for the controversial Obama-era policy. President Biden’s plan to offer amnesty comes just days after he announced an expansion to Obamacare, which would provide free healthcare to immigrants currently enrolled in the DACA program.

While President Biden claims that most illegal immigrants eligible for DACA are model citizens, he didn’t provide any data for the amount of immigrants he’d offer amnesty. There are currently more than one million illegal immigrants who’d receive amnesty from President Biden if his proposed policy becomes law, which could result in a massive increase in taxpayer costs once the immigrants amnestied by President Biden became naturalized American citizens. During his statement, President Biden called on Congress to help him grant amnesty to immigrants eligible for or enrolled in the DACA program.

The Obama administration first established the DACA program to provide adult immigrants who entered the United States as children with the chance to avoid deportation and work within the country. President Biden claims that the latest expansion to Obamacare, which extended coverage to immigrants in the DACA program, isn’t enough to help Dreamers who seek American citizenship. The Biden administration established an immigration reform bill during Biden’s first few months in office, which Biden now wants Congress to sign into law.

Although many elected officials are concerned about the implications of providing more than one million immigrants amnesty, another problem with President Biden’s proposed policy relates to the privileges granted to illegal immigrants with amnesty. Immigrants who receive amnesty can bring their families into the United States, which could result in more than 10 million illegal immigrants entering the country should DACA enrollees gain amnesty from the United States government.

President Biden also failed to address the massive burden on taxpayers that would accompany a DACA-wide amnesty policy. According to some immigration experts, granting amnesty to DACA enrollees would cost taxpayers $26 billion. Additionally, the recent expansion of Obamacare will cost taxpayers more than $110 billion. Despite the heavy price tag associated with Biden’s proposed policy, the president cites granting amnesty as the only path forward for the United States.

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