Biden, FEMA Use Tornado Tragedy to Push Climate Change Agenda

Biden, FEMA Use Tornado Tragedy to Push Climate Change Agenda

( – Over this past weekend, several tornadoes touched down in a hail of storms. By the time they were over, they had taken nearly 100 lives across several states. While President Joe Biden called the governors of these states to offer his support and federal aid should they need it, he also turned one of the greatest tragedies to strike this year into a talking point for his climate change agenda.

Late Friday night, December 10, into early Saturday morning, December 11, more than 30 tornadoes struck six states, an exceedingly rare event for this time of year. Mayfield, Kentucky, was one of the worst-hit areas, with devastation around every corner. It also suffered the most deaths.

When Biden addressed the press on Saturday from his hometown, he couldn’t help but drag climate change into the conversation. He started by saying the “intensity of the weather across the board” was due to the planet’s warming, but at the same time stated, “The specific impact on these specific storms, I can’t say at this point.”

Likewise, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Deanne Criswell, expressed similar sentiments, saying these types of storm outbreaks will be the “new normal” because of climate change.

It seems if you’re going to point to a specific element as being responsible for these storms, you should have the data to back it up, but neither Criswell nor Biden did, and Biden even admitted as much.

Undoubtedly, there are concerns around climate change on both sides of the aisle, but using a tragedy as a springboard takes things too far. People are grieving the loss of life and property, wondering how they’re going to put their lives back together mere weeks before the Christmas holiday, and the POTUS, who touted himself as a man of empathy during his campaign, put his agenda first.

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