Biden Freezes During White House Juneteenth Event

( – To celebrate Juneteenth, the White House held a concert with a performance by Kirk Franklin, which many elected officials attended to show their support for the federal holiday.

President Joe Biden attended the event, although his behavior during the concert confused some online audiences. During the concert, Biden seemed confused and stopped moving or talking to people for almost 30 seconds, which some people have cited as evidence of the president’s declining mental state.

Videos of the event, which captured Biden freezing in place, have made the rounds on various conservative-related social media accounts. In the video, Biden stands still and stares at Kirk Franklin during the performance. One of the event’s attendees, Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, walked over to Biden and said something to the president, shaking him out of his trance-like state. Republicans have highlighted the bizarre interaction between Floyd and Biden as more evidence of Biden’s lacking the mental capabilities to hold office, which remains one of the most contested issues for the 2024 presidential election.

The Republican National Committee posted a response to the video and asked audience members why they thought Biden abruptly stopped moving during the event despite everyone around him dancing. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign posted about Biden’s strange behavior on social media, saying that Biden wasn’t fully conscious during the event. Senator Mike Lee (Republican-Utah) also shared the video on social media and joked about Biden being a good dancer.

While many commenters have joked about the video and how it makes Biden seem lost or confused, others have pointed out Biden’s latest episode’s similarities to incidents involving other lawmakers. One such incident involved Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican-Kentucky), who abruptly froze and stopped speaking during a press release. McConnell, who was 81 years old during the incident, has since announced that he plans to leave his leadership position and will not seek re-election upon the conclusion of his current term.

Biden’s strange episode at the Juneteenth event serves as the aging president’s latest gaffe, which many voters have identified as a critical concern in the 2024 presidential race. Biden has famously made numerous mistakes when speaking at public events and often mixes up essential dates or details when telling stories to reporters or other lawmakers. Despite Biden’s multiple mistakes, the White House has criticized Republicans for sharing the incidents on social media, and Biden’s staff remain adamant that the president remains capable of serving as the chief executive.

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