Biden Got MILLIONS – Money Trail Is Hot!

( – According to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, the Biden family and its business associates received more than ten million dollars and created twenty different businesses while Joe Biden was the Vice President.

This report is the latest development regarding the Biden family and its various scandals, ranging all the way back to when Joe Biden initially ran for president in 2020. Committee Chairman James Cormer released a memo about his investigation before his press conference about the allegations, and noted that the Biden family appeared to try and conceal the source of these payments from foreigners.

The Biden family has been subject to many scandals in the past, most notably the Hunter Biden laptop story. Hunter Biden in particular has been the source of many of these scandals, especially due to his recorded drug abuse and his positions in various companies that seem to result from nepotism.

Despite these various scandals the media seems reluctant to report on anything pertaining to the Biden family, a disturbing trend that has remained constant since the time of Joe Biden’s original presidential campaign. Despite the media’s lackluster response to the various scandals that have been associated with the Biden family in recent memory, it seems likely that Hunter Biden could be the focus of national stories in the coming months.

Hunter Biden will most likely make the national news, if the possible indictment against him comes to fruition. The indictment and subsequent charges would be in relation to Hunter Biden’s potential tax crimes, and the fact he lied on paperwork while attempting to get a handgun. Both of these alleged crimes are federal crimes. While the possibility of an indictment remains uncertain, the White House appears to be preparing for the possible fallout of charges being brought against the son of President Biden.

Should Hunter Biden be charged with these crimes, it seems unlikely that Joe Biden could maintain his position as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election.

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