Biden Is Setting Records So Bad, Some Haven’t Happened in Decades

Biden Is Setting Records So Bad, Some Haven't Happened in Decades

( – Inflation, unemployment, and supply chain issues, oh my! It seems like President Joe Biden’s first year in office certainly came with some historical figures — just not in the way the Left hoped. In fact, his tenure has proven to be a real headache for Americans in more than one area.

Inflation is currently sitting at over 6%, nearly 6% higher than when former President Donald Trump was in office. In 2019, inflation rates sat at almost 0%, and it’s obvious that Americans are hurting now from the increased prices nearly everywhere — at the gas pump, in the grocery store and on their utility bills.

Let’s not discount unemployment. It sat at just under 4% during Trump’s tenure, the lowest it hit in decades. Now, for the last several weeks, unemployment claims have steadily increased, with 286,000 claims filed the week of January 15.

Then there’s the stock market. On January 19, Nasdaq entered correction territory, which occurs when it drops more than 10% from its peak. Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft took the biggest hits at 26.4%, 16.9%, and 13.2%, respectively.

One can only blame COVID for so long, and certainly not for everything. One thing’s certain, if Biden doesn’t get his act together soon, the remaining three years on his term will only be more of the same.

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