Biden Issues Scathing Response To SCOTUS Ruling

( – President Joe Biden responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the legality of using the HEROES Act to forgive student debts, claiming that he believes the court misinterpreted the United States Constitution.

The high court’s recent decision ruled that Biden cannot unilaterally forgive the debt of student borrowers using the HEROES Act.

The policy of student debt forgiveness was one of Biden’s most popular stances, and bolstered his support with young voters. Since he announced his intention to use his presidential authority to forgiven billions in student debt, many officials and citizens alike have expressed doubts about whether this is legally possible. Biden has repeatedly claimed that students would have their debts forgiven, and even established a website to file for forgiveness and check eligibility.

While the Supreme Court has prevented Biden’s long-promised policy from coming to fruition, it’s not impossible for a similar policy to be established in its place. The court’s decision stemmed from two separate cases related to the topic of student loans. The ruling states that for student debt forgiveness to pass muster, Biden would need to have the support of the United States Congress. Biden has already announced that he will be taking steps to secure debt forgiveness for borrowers moving forward, but details on this remain scarce. Biden seems keen for such a policy to pass, likely due to his repeated promises to forgive student loans during his initial presidential campaign.

Biden has already begun laying out a new plan for student debt forgiveness with the help of the Department of Education. The plan includes a “loan repayment ramp” that would prevent borrowers from losing credit or being referred to debt collectors should they miss payments. While Biden’s new plan seems similar to his campaign promise to forgive student loans, it wouldn’t actually prevent repayments only delay them. Biden has claimed that he won’t give up on having debts forgiven, likely to avoid failing yet another campaign promise.

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