Biden Just ABANDONED His Voters For Shocking Project!

( – Progressive lawmakers and environmental groups are upset about President Joe Biden’s support for completing the embattled Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline (MVP), a pet project of Senator Joe Manchin, D West Virginia, and refer to the venture as a health and climate hazard.

Senator Manchin is Chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

The pipeline would travel more than 300 miles through Virginia and West Virginia to deliver natural gas to markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, endorsed the pipeline saying it would be an asset for the administration by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Granholm wrote a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), “Energy infrastructure, like the MVP project, can help ensure the reliable delivery of energy that heats homes and businesses, and powers electric generators that support the reliability of the electric system.”

Granholm indicated that with the use of carbon capture technologies the two projects would “play an important role as part of the clean energy transition” when paired together.

“This has all the hallmarks of a backroom, Faustian deal with Joe Manchin,” Representative Jared Huffman, D. California, member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said of Granholm’s and the administration’s support for the project.

Environmental groups local to West Virginia and nationally argue the pipeline will degrade the environment bringing numerous lawsuits that have so far delayed the MVP project and increased the costs for the developer that already total over $6.6 billion.

Manchin isn’t convinced by the letter of support from Granholm and derides the administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, threatening to vote in favor of repealing the “radical climate agenda” of the Biden administration.

In 2022 Manchin agreed to vote for the climate bill on the condition that fellow Democrat leaders overhaul permitting and put energy projects on a fast-track. 

Senator Manchin said in a statement, “This project is vital to ensure the reliable, affordable energy America is blessed with can be used to benefit the country and our allies. We cannot afford additional delays.”

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