Biden Just Set His Party On FIRE With Controversial Push!

( – President Joe Biden is, once again, angering progressives in the Democratic Party. 

Biden, who has in the past called out Trump for his handling of migrants at the Southern border, appears to be considering a policy that would detain the families of illegal immigrants in detention facilities

President Trump, and President Obama before him, employed a similar policy. In fact, in 2015 the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a class-action lawsuit against the detention centers, claiming that they were unsanitary and inhumane. 

Biden, who ran on a progressive agenda that included ending Title 42, now appears to be singing a different tune. 

Progressives in the Democratic Party, needless to say, are outraged. Representative Greg Casar (D-TX), a 33-year old freshman Democrat, responded to rumors that Biden may reinstate the detention facilities, saying that “locking immigrant families and children into cages along the border is dangerous, ineffective, and wrong.” 

On Twitter, the left-wing National Immigration Law Center wrote “@POTUS, the promises you made on the campaign trail don’t match your actions in office.” The progressive organization went on to state that Biden was following in the Trump administration’s footsteps. 

As of late, Biden hasn’t been very popular among left-wing progressives in the party. Just last week, the president announced that he would be supporting a GOP-backed crime bill that would roll back DC-imposed criminal justice reforms

In a tweet, Biden wrote that “if the Senate votes to overturn what the D.C. council did – I’ll sign it.” While some moderate Democrats in the Senate look to be on board with Biden’s decision to play tough on crime, squad-types have voiced their opposition. Representative Pete Aguilar (D-CA) called Biden’s decision to side with the GOP on crime “disappointing”. 

Biden continues to aggravate the far-left as he attempts to portray himself as a sensible moderate. 

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