Biden Literally Removed Group From Terror List Before They Took Embassy Employees Hostage

Biden Literally Removed Group From Terror List Before They Took Americans Hostage

( – When President Joe Biden assumed office in January, he sought to undo most of former President Donald Trump’s accomplishments. One of these actions included removing the Houthis from the foreign terrorist list. Now, truly, that decision has come back to bite him.

Early last week, Houthi rebels stormed the former US embassy compounds in Yemen and kidnapped workers. The Iran-backed militants have not disclosed a reason for taking hostages, but they stole property from the building complex after its breach.

The embassy closed in 2015 under the Obama Administration, meaning there were no Americans among the hostages. However, it’s still a dire situation because many, if not all, of the hostages worked for the embassy in prominent roles for the US government and continued to do so after the compound’s closure, whether from home or as security for the building.

The State Department is currently seeking the hostages’ release, saying it’s working to ensure their safety. A spokesperson for the department called “on the Houthis to immediately vacate [the embassy] and return all seized property.” The rebels are unlikely to listen based on their disdain of calls for ceasefire over the last six years.

This latest action shines a light on the stark reality of Biden’s foreign policy failures. After all, pundits speculate he removed the Houthis from the terrorist list to draw Iran back to the negotiation tables for a nuclear deal. Time and again, Iran has given no reason for other countries to trust it. Now, valuable US government workers are paying the price for Biden’s policies.

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