Biden Makes UFO STATEMENT – This Is Real!

( – On Thursday, President Biden finally broke his silence regarding the recent slew of unidentified balloons flying over the United States. Critics, most of whom are in the Republican Party, have called out the president for his notable reticence on these concerning developments.

Susan Collins (R-ME), in an interview with NPR, said that she doesn’t “believe that the administration has been sufficiently transparent” about the UFO sightings. When asked about a briefing provided by the President’s cabinet to the Senate, Collins said that she didn’t find it to be “very informative”. 

On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) expressed his exasperation at the Biden administrations lack of transparency about the flying objects saying that the government is not taking it “seriously”. 

Calls for Biden to be more forthcoming about the flying objects have not just come from U.S. citizens. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeu called on Biden to address the issue after a similar flying object was shot down in Canadian airspace

Biden, in an attempt to assuage the public’s anxiety about the flying objects, stated that the three occurrences were probably unrelated to Chinese government surveillance. Rather, he suggested that private companies were responsible.

Biden, though, did order to have the objects shot down. To that he said he “couldn’t rule out the risk of surveillance” at the time. 

While Biden has more or less ruled out the threat of surveillance, he has not provided Americans with a definitive answer to what exactly these objects were. The intelligence committee, he stated, is currently looking into the origins of the balloons. 

Debris from the various objects are still being collected by the American government. Some, however, are not optimistic about the government’s capabilities to track down remnants. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) told reporters on Tuesday that “The remnants are in very difficult terrain with low temperatures…They haven’t been able to find them.”

Biden’s remarks on Thursday still leave many searching for answers. 

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