Biden Offers Intel on Hamas Leaders for Israeli Cease-fire

( – President Joe Biden has offered the Israeli military intelligence about the leaders of Hamas’ whereabouts in return for a cease-fire, likely due to Israel’s ongoing offensive in the city of Rafah.

According to people connected to the Biden administration, the White House wants to share the intel about Hamas’ leadership to prevent a full-scale Israel invasion of Rafah, as it would likely result in a large number of civilian casualties and displacement. President Biden has indicated that he would not support an invasion of Rafah unless Israel laid out a plan to minimize civilian casualties, a term Israeli officials did not fulfill before starting the Rafah offensive.

The White House’s decision to promise intel to Israel has left online commenters confused about President Biden’s stance on the war, as it indicates the White House had information about Hamas and chose not to share intel that could’ve ended the war sooner. Another reason online audiences are confused by President Biden’s offer is the American hostages that remain in Hamas’ custody, whom the president could jeopardize by refusing to give Israel the intelligence about Hamas’ leaders and their locations.

While President Biden’s offer to Israel has indicated growing tension between the United States and its Middle Eastern ally, it isn’t the first instance of President Biden opposing Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas. Since February, President Biden has repeatedly opposed Israel’s promise to invade Rafah and fight Hamas.

The White House’s primary concern stemmed from the large number of Palestinian civilians who reside in Rafah and the likelihood of their deaths given an Israeli attack. The Biden administration also opposed the invasion after Israel initially entered the city, which resulted in the White House temporarily halting weapon deliveries to Israel for the foreseeable future. The Biden administration has since resumed arms shipments to Israel, which include more than 3,500 bombs and more than $1 billion in military equipment.

Although the Biden administration has faced accusations of withholding intel from Israeli officials in return for Israel’s withdrawal from Rafah, a spokesperson for the National Security Council claims the White House remains cooperative with Israel. Despite the National Security Council spokesperson’s claims, some political experts cite Biden’s attempt at having the Rafah offensive halted as Biden working towards gaining support from younger pro-Palestinian voters. While the White House has remained outwardly critical of Israel’s invasion of Rafah, President Biden claims he still supports Israel and considers himself an ally to the country and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

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