Biden Official Caught Stealing ANOTHER Luggage Bag

Biden Official Caught Stealing ANOTHER Luggage Bag

( – Allegations surfaced in November that Sam Brinton, a Biden Administration official who works in the Department of Energy (DOE), had stolen someone’s luggage from a Minnesota airport two months prior. However, it seems this may not have been the official’s only crime. Recently, another report of a stolen suitcase emerged, this time from Las Vegas, and authorities have issued a felony warrant for Brinton’s arrest for the crime.

The Minnesota Incident

On October 27, a complaint alleged the DOE official stole a suitcase from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16. According to the statement of probable cause, law enforcement said it had obtained video footage of Brinton removing a bag, despite not having checked one on his flight. The victim of the stolen suitcase confirmed it was hers. Cameras observed the official the following month using the same luggage. When questioned, Brinton initially said he didn’t take the bag. He then called back and confessed, saying he was “tired,” according to The Daily Mail.

The victim, in this case, provided authorities with an itemized list of the luggage contents, which came to a reported total of $2,325. Police charged Brinton with felony theft in the incident.

Following the revelation of these allegations and the charges filed, the DOE released the now-former official.

Another Stolen Suitcase

On July 6, a woman reported her luggage missing at Harry Reid International Airport. She claimed it contained clothing, make-up, and jewelry valued at an estimated $3,670. Authorities viewed the security footage and noted that the suspect appeared to be “a white male adult wearing a white T-shirt with a large rainbow-colored atomic nuclear symbol design,” according to Fox News. However, law enforcement couldn’t identify the person and subsequently closed the case.

Unfortunately for Brinton, the Minnesota event gave police more reason to look into him and tie him to his alleged involvement in the Las Vegas theft. Authorities identified the official by his shirt after pouring through the official’s Instagram posts. They also discovered that he was on that same July 6 flight after doing a bit of detective work. From there, they had enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant.

What’s Next?

If convicted, Brinton faces substantial jail time. The charges from Minnesota carry up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. The Vegas charges carry a potential jail sentence of up to 10 years and a similar fine.

The Minnesota state court expects Brinton to appear later in December. Nevada courts have not scheduled hearings yet.

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